Dec 31, 2008

Things to Do

Kortina implored me to do resolutions, like him, instead I will just write down what I want to do more of next year:

1. Help spread the joy of Tipjoy. Of course I am hopelessly biased and financially motivated, but I think that what Abby and Ivan have created has the potential to be the right solution to alot of problems, in an open, distributed way, at the right time. Don't be evil indeed.

2. What with betaworks motoring and a couple of growing kids, our travels will likely involve the beach and then the beach. But I will be thinking about my three favorite places in the world - Dublin, Juan-les-Pins, and Ko Samui - and at least planning on visits to each in the next years.

3. Less multi-tasking, more focus and concentration. Got way too much going on in 2008 - need to organize and focus, pay more detailed attention. It's all about the details. Omnifocus to the rescue.

4. Eat at more small local NYC (and other cities') places, such as Dil-E-Punjab , and especially finally take advantage of Alex Lines' outerborough eating club. Small (and local) is the new big (and international).

5. Similarly, I created a list of 10 people I want to spend more time with in 2009. I'm gonna try to see all of these at least quarterly. Some of these peeps I've never met, but know through various social channels, so need to move those relationships into meals at small local NYC (or other cities) places.

6. Hope hope hope (and help help help it become a reality) that at the end of the year Topspin Media and Hypemachine are the two leading companies in the music world, because what they are doing is right, and more importantly their respective proprietors are righteous.

7. Continue posting a song a day over at tumblr.

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