Mar 16, 2008

Y Combinator Demo Day

Y Combinator's investor demo day was last week, out in Mountain View, showcasing the latest batch of companies that Paul & Co. have funded and worked with . Kind of blew my mind. Not because I saw 19 very interesting and innovative ideas (yes, every single one of them), not because they will all be huge businesses some day (they won't, that's not the point), and not because I came away from there wanting to invest and get involved with a few - or more - of these (I did).

Blew my mind because 19 presentations, with two breaks, were made and the program ended, to the minute, at the time listed on the agenda. 3:57 pm, precisely. When does that happen? It stayed exactly on schedule.

Moreover, when do you see presentations from 19 technology companies in one afternoon, and then not want it to end?

Thanks Paul, Jessica, all.