Aug 29, 2007

End to end online ad provider?

Brian Norgard wonders if its possible:

"The mythical, “End-to-end,” solution is much discussed yet far from being realized. My best guess is that it will emerge from companies that have built tools themselves (or most of them for that matter). There is so much information coordination when it comes to the ad space. Patching together company after company feels difficult, labor intensive and non-optimal from a technical standpoint. The ad spectrum being wide as it is: text, display, CPA, video, etc. and the customers coming from violently different economic stratas–from multi-national conglomerates to mom & pops–I feel a fully integrated, one stop solution is still a ways out."
I tend to agree, yet I know a bunch of folks currently trying this macro level roll up strategy themselves. As Brian writes, the online ad world is so broad, and I have always tended to think about things in buckets anyway. For example lead generation in my mind is a world apart from behavioral targeting.

The more interesting strategy, in any event, could be to find areas where there is consistency of purpose, customers and revenues, and therefore easier operating leverage to be gained from putting the pieces together. For example, an ad network, or exchange, combined with a provider of behavioral analytics. Then, start from that position and see if building out makes sense, or not.