Jul 13, 2007

Deadliest Catch Media Distribution

The traditional approach to content distribution has been "if you build it they will come." Distribute quality content in one place, buying the shelf space for that place, then market it to drive users/viewers to that place. TV, cable, movies, etc.

But in chatting about this with Robert, and in recounting the Discovery tv series, Deadliest Catch, we realized that, as with all thoughtful forms of media, that show proposes a much better method of distribution that is consistent with the decentralized nature of media platforms today.

The old media world: you KNOW there are crabs (audiences) in a specific place and you camp out in that place alone, and go in with GREAT bait (marketing).

The Deadliest Catch approach: you lay baskets all over the ocean, and gather the crabs. You ensure their are crabs by going EVERYWHERE.

The crabs are in many places in the ocean. The strategy that places content all over the place will gather the most.


trblcmn said...

I love your "Approach"!