May 14, 2007

Online video advertising -- halfway there

This weekend I read about two interesting companies developing advertising platforms for online video providers and publishers.

ScanScout's technology scans video content, creates intelligence about the clip and then dynamically matches ads to the content and intelligence it has just created. also appears to scan video content and then shows targeted ads, with a particular focus right now on targeted direct response offers.

Both of these services do seem to advance the state of advertising around online video content, but they also appear to be missing an important focal point -- that of the viewer or user of the content. They take a very traditional approach -- looking at the content, and delivering services outward from the publisher or content perspective. This is an important approach, but one that I think misses an even more important perspective and movement occurring, whereby value is being created by looking at the viewer, the consumer, the actor participating in the content. After all, isn't that what community and connectivity are all about. Such an outside-in approach to creating value is where real radical businesses will be built. Maybe these two new companies are just a start.