Jan 17, 2007

Mashup Camp 3

Attending Mashup Camp this week, really stimulating bunch of people and conversations. Much to digest, but two things standout:

-- Jon Aizen and Eran Shir of Dapper, smart guys with a wild technology to extract content, or create an API in essence, from any web site. Nice guys too. I think this could help as we grow Carmun towards integrating more third party relevant content and helping students find that information. Could also potentially help our library lookups.

-- Seeing Anthony Volodkin show off and talk about The Hype Machine. While I have read and used The Hype Machine for a while now, actually meeting Anthony and hearing his thoughts behind the service, one is reminded that behind digital services are real people with real ideas and thoughts building them with passion and innovation. It makes the usage of the services that much more interesting, for me at least. Great stuff.